Starting your journey in fitness can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. When there’s so many kinds of activities and workouts to choose from, trying to determine what activewear would be suitable for you can be overwhelming. What sort of questions do you need to ask yourself when buying activewear? Read on for some practical tips.

When choosing activewear, consider the following things.

1. Consider your purpose

There are so many kinds of workouts these days. Whether you’re diving into a full cardio workout, or starting off with some gentle yoga, it is important to understand what the body needs as you navigate your new fitness journey. 

The type of workout is the first thing you should refer to when buying activewear. What you choose should support the needs of the workout first. For example, a high-intensity workout may need sports bras with strong support features, and a yoga session will probably require material that is stretchable and breathable.

2. Fabric of activewear

Taking off from above, the type of material is important when it comes to activewear. Activities that result in a lot of perspiration will need breathable, easy to dry materials. Whereas activities that need a lot of movement will require material that is stretchable, comfortable and easy on the skin. 

When you’re trying a new material, observe how it feels and works during active sessions. Does the material dry easily? Does it cling to your body when you sweat? Is it easy to take off after a workout?

Based on the type of workout you’re buying the activewear for, take the time to evaluate its suitability.

Consider how the fabric feels and fits.

3. Getting the right fit

It doesn’t matter how beautiful something may look, if it doesn’t fit well, it will not be supportive of your fitness journey. Getting the size of activewear right is critical, as it will influence your overall workout. Remember that all brands don’t use the same sizing guide, so get those measurements right before buying anything. It is also important to remember that different fabrics can influence sizing as well. When unsure, ask for clarification on sizing before making a purchase.

4. Buy colours that allow you to express your personality

You don’t have to settle for blacks and greys! Working out is an important part of our lives, and looking good while doing it can help boost our self-confidence. This can in turn encourage you to keep at your workout!

With brands like Fuel2Fit, you can find a range of colours to suit every mood and style there is out there. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, even as you look after yourself.

5. Buy versatile items

Can your yoga pants be used on date night?

With more people focusing on sustainability and versatility, mixing and matching clothing items is not unheard of any longer. Being able to use activewear as everyday clothing, date night looks and travel wear is a trend that has been taking the world by storm.

As you buy activewear today, also consider how it can be styled or used in other ways.

Don’t be afraid to express your personality!

Buying activewear is no longer an afterthought in today’s world. Use these tips to get the most out of your fitness journey, while looking great!