About Us

With quality lifestyle gaining popularity among the young and old, sports and health has been the major force in the creation of health conscious group of people. Activities such as jogging, tracking, body building, yoga and etc. has all gained unprecedented awareness in the urban life.
Fuel2Fit is a firm believer of having a healthy lifestyle, it’s a platform aimed in providing all types of information and tips. Since we are at it, why not live life with style?

We understand a sporty lifestyle requires huge motivation, hence we are here to be with you on the journey in seeking and creating a habit that fits into our daily routine.

在消费者越来越注重生活品质的今天, 运动已经成为了一种潮流趋势。跑步, 健身, 瑜伽等等早已逐渐融入到了都市生活之中。
如今,Fuel2Fit 这个平台不但可以提供大家各种运动资讯和贴士, 我们的宗旨更是把运动和潮流作为一个结合,让大家在运动的同时也非常时尚。

我们所提倡的是一个生活方式,同时提供大家最强动力和毅力, 通过运动找回自信和魅力!



DEVI, a fashionable sportswear brand created exclusively for women was co-founded by Ms. Lynn Xiong, a well-known artist, and her husband Mr. Ken Kwok who is a famous entrepreneur.

Ms. Lynn was held as a “Goddess” , a popular term used in China to describe extraordinary women who inspires the others. Not being complacent, she sticks to healthy diet and keeps a consistent workout schedule in order to maintain her body shape.

An usual day in the summer of 2016, as always, she was listening to distant melodies in India and experienced tranquility from practicing yoga. However, she suddenly thought that as a public figure and a role model for women, she should encourage more women to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Not only limited to the beautiful curves, exquisite body and face, she also wish that others can see her continuous endeavours, perseverance, courage to grasp her dreams. These are the things which Mr. Ken Kwok admired of his wife. After more than six months of preparation, DEVI launched in 2017.

The term DEVI was derived from Sanskrit in India, which stands for “goddess”. Not only does it symbolised the external beauty, but also does it emphasised on the qualities of the inner beauty including elegance, deliberate and being confident, which is very much in line with the character and temperament of modern women. DEVI created stylish and comfortable yoga wear with soft and durable fabric. Our design emphasis in improving the hip to waist ratio and seamlessly covering your unflattering areas. DEVI hopes to elevate the workout look so that every woman can feel her own charm during sports.

DEVI believes that you can become a “Goddess” as long as you keep working hard!






Play Vogue is inspired to provide the ladies out there with an active lifestyle fashion that brings out the natural beauty in yourself. When you are active on the go, flexibility and comfortability is the upmost important element. Providing you the confidence in performing your moves~

Our outfits are designed to enable you to be wherever and whenever without any discomfort. So be brave to try out our lineup to mix it up with your existing wardrobe. You will be amazed! Be who you want to be with style!

PLAY VOGUE 以女性运动服装为主, 提供最新最时尚并舒适的运动服。每一件产品都是我们团队精心挑选以突出女性的自然美, 巧妙的设计里发挥它的功能,让女性们不再受阻扰,自由地伸展做运动。