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Pellucid + Eye Spray

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Pellucid+ with the use of AR Tech base helps to instantly hydrate, repair and protect the eyes without the use of drugs and chemicals.

Benefits of PELLUCID+ Eye Spray:
1. Repair and protect eyes from Blue Ray
2. Anti-Inflammatory
3. Anti-Aging
4. Hydrates eye in 10 seconds
5. Block 92% of blue ray
6. Solve most of the chronic eye problems

Things you need to know before purchasing Pellucid eye spray:

• PELLUCID is the lead of ARTechTM (Age Reversal Technology), anti-ageing technology which has been developed for 50 years.

• It has KKM, SGS and MSDS certifications. Thus you can spray your eyes safely!

• With Nutri-Eye Tech in PELLUCID, it helps to replenish the moisture of our eyes within 10 seconds, and the immediate effects of shining eyes are back!

• PELLUCID is very different from the eyedrops from the drugstores! Eyedrops will damage our eyes in long term while PELLUCID helps to protect the eyes and allow us to spray anytime, anywhere or whenever we feel like spraying as it helps to soothe our eyes and give immediate and lasting results!

Water, Mineral, Salt

ARTechTM (Age Reversal Technology), an anti-ageing technology helps to create a product that does not require to use chemical or drugs.

Story behind Pellucid+:
The rise of usage of electronic devices has put a major impact on the global lifestyle. For office workers, some of that is unavoidable, and has gone up even more ever since the pandemic. With your job on the line, and also to cope with the ever constant new information from around the world, we just have to embrace the increase in screen time. It is a norm, a journey that everyone has to endure. Facing screens have become a norm but the importance of eyecare journey is yet to be emphasized. Everyone at a certain stage of time will be complaining about dry, tired, sensitive eyes from your lifestyle dilemma.

Pellucid+ Inspiration:
Let PELLUCID+ solve all your worries by letting everyone maintain their own lifestyle at the same time keeping your eyes at its most promising condition. We want PELLUCID+ to be part of your eyecare journey, your lifestyle support and a topic of conversation with friends. PELLUCID+ allows you to take care of your eyes anytime, anywhere. We have decided to make PELLUCID+ more convenient for our customers where it can be used and fit in anywhere even on your cute tiny bag. We understand everything is fashionable these days, thus we are turning PELLUCID+ into the new trend where it will become an essential part of our life.