This AGREEMENT is made and agreed to between YOU and FUEL2FIT.

A. Declaration
1. YOU confirm that YOU have full knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT upon purchase of the MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME and upon registration. YOUR successful registration for MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME constitutes YOUR consent to be bound by this AGREEMENT.

2. YOU agree that FUEL2FIT reserves the right to amend this AGREEMENT at any time, in FUEL2FIT’s sole discretion, by posting any such amendment(s) to the FUEL2FIT's website without prior and separate notice. YOUR continued use of the SERVICE after amendment to the AGREEMENT is posted will be deemed as full knowledge and acceptance of the revised AGREEMENT. If YOU do not agree to any such amendment(s), YOUR sole recourse shall be to cease using the SERVICE.

1. Every member carries a unique account and YOU may set a password for the purpose of enquiry and calculation of points or for redeeming other related benefits.(YOU will receive an activated account link after payment is successfully made.)

2. Member programme: MEMBERSHIP offered by FUEL2FIT includes:
a. Point accumulation: For every RM1 worth of purchase, FUEL2FIT Members earn 2 points.
b. Point redemption: Points can be redeemed for use in purchases at FUEL2FIT WEBSITE. The conversion rate is: 200 points=RM1.
c. Member price discount
d. Member Birthday Gift(ONLY FOR VIP MEMBER)
e. Member Birthday double up reward point
f. Early access to new launch (Early 1 to3 day to get notification and purchase)
g. Member events and luckydraw benefits .
i. Free renewal upon RM1000 spent per year (VIP RM6000)

3. In the event when goods redeemed with points are returned as deemed defective, valid receipts have to be presented, and it is subject to relevant terms concerning returning goods; points deducted will not be refunded.

4. Enquiry: All YOUR operation on this system will be recorded by FUEL2FIT, regardless of the success or failure of the attempts in attaining the desired results. YOU may enquire about the points accumulated in YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT through this system. If YOU deem the record incorrect, YOU may request a detailed transaction record from the FUEL2FIT.

5. Force Majeure disclaimer: MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME may be rendered unavailable for causes beyond the FUEL2FIT’s reasonable control. FUEL2FIT shall not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of unavailability of the membership programme.

6. YOU agree that, for business operation and security reasons, FUEL2FIT reserves the right to suspend or limit certain service function of the MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME, or offer new service features to it. Upon these changes, YOUR continued use of the MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME will be deemed as acceptance of this AGREEMENT and the revised AGREEMENT.

C. FUEL2FIT Member Account
1. Registration

YOU agree that:
a. YOU shall provide information as required to register for MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM and ensure the information submitted is accurate, current and complete. If, on reasonable grounds, the information is suspected to be inaccurate, not current or incomplete, FUEL2FIT reserves the right to suspend or terminate, in part or in full, the SERVICE for YOU. Any direct or indirect expense incurred for reasons aforementioned shall be borne by YOU instead of FUEL2FIT.
b. In the event of non-performance of the SERVICE or mistakes involved as a result of YOUR failure to update YOUR personal information, YOU shall bear the full consequence and FUEL2FIT will not be liable for any responsibility.
c. YOU shall be responsible for YOUR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME account, which is designated solely for YOUR own use and cannot be transferred, given as a gift or inherited. Should YOU lose all or part of the capacity for civil rights or civil conduct, the COMPANY reserves the right to take charge of YOUR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME account pursuant to valid legal documents (including without limitation to effective court verdict, will, etc. )

2. Account Security
a. YOU will not reveal YOUR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME account and password to others, nor will YOU use any other person's MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME account and password.

b. Should YOU find YOUR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME account and/or password stolen or misappropriated, YOU shall notify FUEL2FIT immediately and effectively, and request for suspension of MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME account. YOU understand that FUEL2FIT needs reasonable time to process YOUR request. FUEL2FIT will not be liable for any executed instruction and (or) loss incurred prior to confirmation of YOUR request.

D. Points Redemption
1. For effective protection of YOUR legal interests in joining under membership programme YOU understand and agree to accept the following provisions:

a.YOU are requested to activate your account in FUEL2FIT WEBSITE. Points will only get calculated once your account activates.

b. With the joining under membership programme, points will be granted through various forms. No cash value is endowed upon the points. They cannot be converted into cash or any other forms of money, regardless of the ways through which the points are earned.

c. Points are not deemed as any form of property; hence they are not any property over which YOU may exercise the full right of possession. FUEL2FIT may, in its sole discretion, adjust the point value or amend relevant provisions relating to points redemption without YOUR prior consent.

d. YOU are entitled only to convert the points granted into designated service or products according to FUEL2FIT’s relevant provisions.

e. Fraud, misuse, or other misconduct involving the acquisition and (or) use of points may result in the immediate cancellation, restriction or termination of YOUR points or the use of YOUR points.

E. Member Price or Discount
Members will get 10% discount ONLY for PlayVogue products in FUEL2FIT website. And 5% discount for other brands that excluded PlayVogue.

VIP MEMBER will get 20% discount for ONLY for PlayVogue products in FUEL2FIT website. And 5% discount for other brands that excluded PlayVogue.

F. Privacy Protection
1. YOUR acceptance of this AGREEMENT or YOUR act of using MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME constitutes YOUR consent to the use, application and disclosure of YOUR personal information by the COMPANY according to the following provisions and the Privacy Policy:

a. Password
YOU are required to set a password upon registration as identification of YOUR MEMBERSHIP. Security question and the answer to it shall be provided for password recovery. The password is the sole means by which YOU get access to YOUR account. Once YOU divulge YOUR password to others, YOUR personal identification information may subject to theft, thus leading to legal consequences to YOUR disadvantage. Should YOU sense any potential or realistic threat, arising from whatever reason, to the application of YOUR username and password, YOU shall contact FUEL2FIT immediately, and shall not hold FUEL2FIT liable for any loss or damage incurred prior to FUEL2FIT's action against the threat.

I. System Halt or Failure
1. FUEL2FIT shall not be liable for any loss or damage in the event of system halt or non-performance of MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME as a result of the following causes:
a. MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME are down for maintenance with relevant notice posted on the FUEL2FIT website by FUEL2FIT;

b. Data communication fails as a result of telecommunication equipment failure;

c. MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME is interrupted or delayed for reasons such as hacker attacks, technical adjustment or system breakdown on the part of telecommunication providers, website upgrades, technical difficulties with banking systems, etc.


本协议是您与 FUEL2FIT 之间达成并同意的。
A. 免责声明
1.您确认您在购买会员计划和注册前完全了解、理解并接受本协议的所有条款和条件。您成功注册会员计 划即表示您同意受本协议的约束。

2. 您同意 FUEL2FIT 保留修改本协议的权利,由 FUEL2FIT 自行决定,将任何此类修改发布到 FUEL2FIT 的网站,恕不另行通知。您在本协议修订后继续使用本服务将被视为完全了解并接受修订后的协议。如果您不同意任何此类修改,您唯一的办法是停止使用服务。

B. 会员计划
1. 每个会员都有一个账户,您可以设置一个密码,用于查询和计算积分或兑换其他相关福利。(付款成功 后您将收到一个激活账户链接)

2. 会员:FUEL2FIT 提供的会员好处包括:
a. 积分累积:每消费 RM1,FUEL2FIT 会员可获取 2 积分
b. 积分兑换:积分可兑换用于在 FUEL2FIT 网站。兑换率是:200积分=RM1。
c. 会员优惠价
e. 会员生日双倍积分
f. 抢先体验新品发布(提前 1至3 天获得通知和购买)
g. 会员活动和抽奖福利。
i.每年消费 RM1000 免费更新, (VIP RM6000)

3. 使用积分兑换的商品被视为瑕疵退回的,需出示有效收据,并以退货相关条款为准;扣除的积分将不予退还。

4. 询问:您在该系统上的所有操作都将被 FUEL2FIT 记录下来,无论尝试获得预期结果的成功或失败。您可以通过本系统查询您的会员账户中累积的积分。如果您认为记录不正确,您可以向 FUEL2FIT 索取详细的交易记录.

5. 不可抗力免责声明:会员计划可能因 FUEL2FIT 无法合理控制的原因而无法使用。 FUEL2FIT 不会因会员计划不可用而造成的任何损失或损害负责。

6. 若您同意,出于业务运营和安全原因,FUEL2FIT保留暂停或限制会员计划的某些服务功能,或为其提供新服务功能的权利。在进行这些更改后,您继续使用会员计划将被视为接受本协议和修订后的协议。

1. 登记会员
a. 您应提供注册会员计划所需的信息,并确保提交的信息准确、最新和完整。如果有合理的理由怀疑该信息不准确、不是最新的或不完整的,FUEL2FIT 将会有保留暂停或终止为您提供的服务的权利。因上述原因而产生的任何直接或间接费用应由您承担。

b. 如因您未能更新您的个人信息而导致本服务无法履行或出现错误,您应承担全部后果.


2. 账户安全

a. 您不会向他人透露您的个人 帐户和密码,也不会使用任何其他人的帐户和密码。

b.如果您发现您的会员计划帐户和/或密码被盗或盗用,您应立即有效地通知 FUEL2FIT,并要求暂停会员计划帐户。我们需要合理的时间来处理您的请求。 FUEL2FIT 不对任何已执行的指令和(或)在确认您的请求之前产生的损失负责。

a.您需要在 FUEL2FIT 网站上激活您的帐户。只有在您的帐户激活后才会计算积分。


c. 积分不被视为任何形式的财产;因此,它们不是您可以行使全部占有权的任何财产。 FUEL2FIT 可在未经您事先同意的情况下,自行决定调整积分价值或修改与积分兑换相关的相关规定。

d.您仅有权根据 FUEL2FIT 的相关规定将授予的积分转换为指定的服务或产品。

e. 涉及积分获取和(或)使用的欺诈、滥用或其他不当行为可能会导致立即取消、限制或终止您的积分或使用您的积分。

E. 会员价或折扣
会员可以在 FUEL2FIT 网站上获得 PlayVogue 所有产品的 10% 折扣。其他品牌产品并还能享有5%折扣(Playvogue产品除外)

2-VIP 会员
VIP会员可以在 FUEL2FIT 网站上获得 PlayVogue 所有产品的 20% 折扣。其他品牌产品并还能享有5%折扣(Playvogue产品除外)

F. 隐私保护

您需要在注册时设置一个密码作为您的会员身份的标识。密码恢复应提供安全问题及其答案。密码是您访问您帐户的唯一途径。一旦您将您的密码泄露给他人,您的个人身份信息可能会被盗用,从而导致对您不利的法律后果。如果您感觉到任何潜在或现实的威胁,无论出于何种原因,对您的用户名和密码的应用,您应立即联系 FUEL2FIT。

I. 系统停止或故障
1.FUEL2FIT 对由于以下原因导致系统停止或会员计划无法执行的任何损失或损害不承担任何责任:

a. 会员计划因维护而停止,我们将会 在 FUEL2FIT 网站上发布相关通知;

b. 电信设备故障导致数据通信失败;